medical malpractice

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional fails to provide the
scaffolding related accidents

Scaffolding-Related Accidents in New York

New York’s vast cityscape is unique for its massive buildings and skyscrapers, which also means
Personal Injury Attorneys

KDLM Attorneys Named to 2023 Best Lawyers List

Thomas Moore, Judith Livingston , Matthew Gaier, and Carmine Rubino, all partners at Kramer, Dillof,
new york medical malpractice statute of limitations

New York Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

Medical malpractice lawsuits are notoriously complicated in any state, and New York is no exception.
KDLM board of directors

Judith A. Livingston Inducted as President of The Inner Circle of Advocates

Judith A. Livingston , partner at Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore, has been elected President
Dead Man’s Statute

Thomas A. Moore and Matthew Gaier Discuss Dead Man’s Statute

In their medical malpractice column for the New York Law Journal on, Thomas A. Moore
Product Liability

What are Different Types of Product Liability?

Consumers trust that when they purchase a product it will have been appropriately designed and
new york labor laws

What Construction Workers Need to Know About NY Labor Laws

Construction has become known as one of the most dangerous industries nationwide. While construction workers
medical malpractice attorney

Hiring a Top Medical Malpractice Attorney

Preventable medical errors rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States.
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