Judith Livingston and Tom Moore, partners at Kramer Dillof Livingston & Moore, were interviewed by Lawdragon in its Lawyer Limelight series. In the interview, they discuss their decision to become plaintiffs’ lawyers working on medical malpractice and personal injury cases and which cases stand out as having a profound effect on the medical industry as a whole.

“We are quite proud about how we have not just helped the individuals we have represented, but the very broad impact to society at large as a result of many of our cases.” – Judith Livingston

Judith and Tom have worked alongside each other for over three decades, achieving personal injury verdicts for clients and their families that have reshaped the standards of medical practice in this country. Their cases have led to limits in the number of hours medical students can work as residents to avoid the exhaustion that can lead to errors and better standards for administering anesthesia.

Judith and Tom have been listed in Lawdragon’s Top 500 Lawyers in the United States, and Lawdragon has called Judith “A Legal Legend”.

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