Today, we’re thrilled to share an inspiring story from the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association (BWBA) annual gala that took place at the Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook on May 15, 2024. It was a night of celebration, honoring some incredible women who have had significant impact in the legal field.

The highlight of the evening? The extraordinary Judith Livingston, senior partner of Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore, received the President’s Award presented by BWBA President Jovia Radix Seaborough, Esq. Now, if you’re not familiar with Judith Livingston, let me tell you, she’s a powerhouse in the legal world.

Livingston’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. She’s been hailed as “A legal legend” by Law Dragon and dubbed the “Queen of Million Dollar Verdicts” by CNN. That’s right, she’s secured 37 verdicts in excess of $1 million. But her impact goes far beyond the courtroom.

During the gala, Jovia Radix Seaborough shared how pivotal Livingston has been as a mentor. This struck a chord with me because mentorship and community are what we’re all about here at SPI. Livingston was one of the early female litigators, breaking barriers and paving the way for women in law. She’s a living testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of supporting one another.

Livingston’s words at the event resonated deeply: “It was in 1918 that nine remarkable women got together to form this remarkable bar association. There was no NYSTLA, but there was the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association because these lawyers knew that there was a need. That need has been met by this wonderful organization for over 100 years now. Everyone here who is part of this organization realizes that and promotes other women. You are doing a wonderful job.”

Livingston’s contributions extend beyond her impressive courtroom victories. She’s been a trailblazer in mentoring future legal professionals and advocating for women’s health through her work with the Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA).

Imagine achieving such success and then using your platform to give back, educate, and inspire others. That’s what it’s all about! Livingston’s journey is a powerful reminder that when you achieve success, it’s crucial to turn around and help those coming up behind you.

So, let’s take a page from Judith Livingston’s book. Let’s strive for excellence, support our communities, and always be willing to lend a hand to those who are on their way up. Remember, your journey can inspire others, and together, we can achieve incredible things.