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Over the past 73 years, the lawyers of Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore (KDLM) have helped victims of medical malpractice, negligence, wrongful death and personal injury rebuild their lives following devastating negligence and injuries, setting records in the area of plaintiffs' litigation.

"Our clients have suffered irreparable tragedy. We restore to them a measure of hope, dignity and independence otherwise unattainable."
-Thomas Moore, Senior Partner, KDLM

Catastrophic Injury
Wrongful Death
Medical Malpractice
Product Liability

The New York personal injury lawyers at KDLM have had an extraordinary success rate in representing plaintiffs in negligence cases, including catastrophic accidents, severe injuries, medical malpractice and wrongful death. KDLM has achieved more than $1 billion in recoveries for their clients. Every person in this firm—attorneys, medical experts, investigators, paralegals—is committed to obtaining justice and just compensation for people whose lives have been damaged. The types of cases we handle may differ, but all our clients have one thing in common, the need to find justice after suffering debilitating injury and loss.

“We bring a thorough and selective approach to the litigation process, where no stone goes unturned in our pursuit of justice. We see every case an opportunity to ensure the court system works and people are provided with the resources they need to put their lives back together.”
Judith Livingston, Senior Partner, KDLM

Not all cases are right for KDLM, and we are not the appropriate firm for many types of legal problems. Please read the FAQ section on our website. If you feel like we might be the right firm for your catastrophic injury case, we invite you to call or email us. We will listen to your problems and concerns, share our perspective and try to guide you to legal representation that makes sense for you.

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