New York Train Accident Representation

railroad-accidentsSadly, serious train accidents have become all too common. When they do occur, media attention is nonstop, often speculating on the cause and insensitive to the needs and hardships of the victims and their grieving families.

KDLM has a long and significant track record handling serious accidents involving trains. We understand the tragic impact accidents can have not just on victims, but their families as well: ongoing medical expense, lost income, lives turned upside down.

  • Amtrak 188 – In May 2015, an Amtrak train traveling from Philadelphia to New York careened around a curve at 106 mph — in a 50 mph zone — and went off the tracks. Eight people were killed and 185 injured. Senior Partner Judith Livingston was the senior member of the court-appointed committee which reached a $295,000,000 Settlement for all of the injured and deceased passengers. KDLM represented the family of the 20-year-old Naval Academy student who died as a result of this accident as well as 5 of the serioulsy injured passengers. Ms. Livingston helped convince Amtrak to admit liability in the case and worked to successfully convince Congress to increase the damages cap to $295,000,000.
  • Largest Auto Accident Verdict in New York History – In 2010, a 49-year-old pedestrian crossing the street in Brooklyn was hit by a Verizon truck. The man, a construction worker, sustained extensive brain damage. Tom Moore tried the case and the jury awarded the family $41,000,000. This is the largest verdict for a car accident in New York history.
  • Passenger Receives $9,000,000 After Railroad Train Derails – In 2016, an eastbound Long Island Rail Road commuter train collided with an eastbound track-maintenance train, and the commuter train derailed. Thomas A. Moore represented a female passenger who sustained multiple fractures from the incident. The lawsuit was settled for $9,000,000.
  • Family Receives $5,800,000 for Driver Killed on a Westchester Highway – After a man slowed down at the site of roadway construction in Westchester County, his car was hit by an approaching tow truck. KDLM negotiated a settlement of $5,800,000 to compensate the driver’s family for its losses.
  • Wrongful Death of Passenger Results in $1,250,000 Award – A 23-year-old man riding in the back seat of a car was killed when a stolen car, being pursued by police in a high-speed chase, crashed into his vehicle. The lawsuit was settled with an award of $1,250,000 for KDLM’s client.
  • Passenger Receives $4,900,000 After Car Accident – A young woman who was a passenger in a car was ejected from the vehicle when it rolled over. The woman sustained significant injuries, including partial paralysis. She was awarded $4,900,000 for her injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a serious train accident, talk to us. Our lawyers, investigators and paralegals understand the challenges of bringing a successful action. We will discuss your situation with you in complete confidence, and there is never a charge for a consultation.