Distracted Driver. Drivers in New York are expected to keep both eyes on the road and maintain their attention to what they are supposed to be focused on: safely operating the vehicle. However, the number of ways in which a person can be distracted has grown exponentially in recent years, and with that, the number of people who are injured in a texting a driving accident or due to a distracted driver has increased too. Distracted Driver

Those who are hurt or lose a loved one in a crash need to be aware of the possibility that it was due to a distracted driver and consider contacting a lawyer in order to receive just compensation.

Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has examined the prevalence of distracted driving accidents and is emphasizing just how dangerous the roads are due to these relatively new issues. In 2015, the number of road fatalities in the U.S. increased by more than 7 percent to over 35,000. That is the greatest single year rise in 50 years. According to the research, a distracted driver was a factor in about 10 percent of the fatalities. The NHTSA discovered that the total number of accidents due to a distraction rose by almost 9 percent.

Other research by Everquote was done by survey and spoke to 2,300 drivers. This was used in conjunction with those who used the Everquote app. It found that 96 percent of those believed that he or she drives safely. This in spite of 56 percent admitting that they use their phones while driving. According to the app, 96 percent used the phone while driving at least once in the previous month and made approximately one call each trip. There is no distinction between using the phone for texting or making a call, but texting is generally considered to be a greater danger.

With this research, it is no surprise that the number of accidents is on the rise. The rise in accidents inevitably leads to a spike in injuries, fatalities and the accompanying problems that go along with them. When there has been an accident, the victim or the victim’s family needs to make certain that a crash reconstruction and full investigation be conducted in order to help determine whether the crash accident victim was hurt because of a distracted driver. With all motor vehicle accidents, it is imperative to have assistance in considering a legal filing from an experienced legal professional.

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