$78 Million

Attorney Thomas Moore secured the $78,000,000 award in a case.

Attorney Thomas Moore of Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore secured the award in a case where a Canadian trucking company’s vehicle caused the death of a New Jersey father and son.


$3.6 Million

James Moore Tries His First Medical Malpractice Action Plaintiff Awarded $3,600,000

James Moore, who came over from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, tried his first medical malpractice action. It was on behalf of a man who suffered urologic injury during a cystoscopy. The defendants took a “no pay” position before trial. A Kings County jury awarded the plaintiff $3.6 million. medical-malpractice


$13 Million

Judy Livingston wins $13,000,000 verdict

Judy Livingston won a $13,000,000 verdict from a Manhattan Supreme Court jury on behalf of the family of a 43 year old New Jersey woman who died as result of a bowel perforation caused during an operation to remove a benign polyp from her colon at NYU Langone Medical Center. As her condition worsened in the four days following the procedure, doctors failed to diagnose the injury which eventually led to sepsis and her death.


$45.2 Million

Jury Awards Verdict of $45.2 M for a 53 year Old Woman Who Suffered Brain Damage

Thomas Moore won a $45.2 Million dollar verdict from a Manhattan Supreme Court jury, after a month long trial and only three and a half hours of jury deliberation. 53-year-old woman suffered brain damage when struck by a shopping cart that was intentionally thrown off a fourth-floor walkway at the East River Plaza. The verdict was one of the largest of 2018, in NY State. To read more about the case, click here.


$31 Million

New York State’s Largest Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death Verdict of 2018

Judith Livingston won a $31 Million wrongful death verdict by a Bronx jury, for the family of a 70-year-old woman that dies as a result of an incorrect heart procedure. The verdict against Montefiore Medical Center was one of the largest of 2018, in NY State.


$39.5 Million

Awards $39.5 Million Verdict for Former NYU Student

Thomas Moore won a $39.5 Million jury verdict in Manhattan for a former NYU Student who fell from an unguarded fire escape, who’s design was outlawed. As a result of the 12-foot fall, the young lady sustained a severed spine, which resulted her being a paraplegic. The verdict was one of the largest of 2017 NY State. To read more about the case, click here.


$4.6 Million

The Largest Verdict for Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death in Ulster County History

In 2016 an Ulster County jury awarded a widow $4,600,000 for the wrongful death of her husband, a veterinarian, after he was essentially ignored after being admitted to a local hospital. It was the largest verdict in Ulster County history for wrongful death resulting from medical malpractice.


$40.8 Million

Verdict for an Automobile Accident in New York History

In 2015, the New York Law Journal published its list of the largest verdicts ever awarded for an automobile accident in New York State. KDLM earned the honor of the number-one verdict in New York history with a record-setting $40,800,000.


$18 Million +

KDLM’s Med Mal Settlements in New York State Recognized

Most cases get settled; they do not go to trial. In 2015, when the New York Law Journal published its list of largest settlements in New York State, KDLM cases were number one, number four, and number 12 on the list. All three cases involved victims of medical malpractice. The first settled for $18,000,000, the second for $9,000,000. and the third for $5,400,000. No other firm had three settlements in the top dozen cases.


$172 Million

New York Personal Injury Verdict Awarded

In 2014, a Bronx jury awarded $172,000,000 to a 29-year-old woman who was left paralyzed and mute due to the negligence of the EMTs who responded to her mother’s 911 call. It was one of the largest verdicts ever awarded in New York State and one of the largest in the United States in 2014.


$130 Million

Lawyer Turned Down $8,000,000 and Got Them $130,000,000

$130,000,000 for a child injured during birth due to hospital’s negligence. Second largest medical malpractice verdict in New York State history New York Supreme Court – Suffolk County. Read the NY Post story.


$121 Million

Brain-Damaged Woman Wins $121,000,000 In Suit Against City Hospitals

$121,000,000 for a woman where the hospital failed to timely diagnose and treat Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Third largest medical malpractice verdict in New York State history. New York Supreme Court – Suffolk County. Read the New York Times story.


$40 Million

Construction Worker Awarded $40,000,000 After Being Struck By Verizon Van

A Brooklyn jury awarded a $40 million verdict to a 53-year-old construction worker who was disabled after being hit by a Verizon truck. Thomas Moore represented the client during the trial.


$7 Million

Jury Awards Family $7,000,000 in Ma’s Malpractice Death

A jury awarded the family of a woman who died due to medical malpractice $7 million in a Westchester, New York. She died at age 34 of pancreatitis (an inflamed pancreas) because her doctors incorrectly believed she had ovarian cancer. Judith Livingston tried the case, which lasted three-and-a-half weeks.


$19.6 Million

$19,600,000 Awarded Couple After Baby Brain-Damage at Birth

Thomas Moore, representing a family in a Queens in a New York medical-malpractice case, won a $19.6 million verdict for a jewelry designer, and her husband who works for the post office. Their baby was born with cerebral palsy, and the victim’s mother was, as the Staten Island Advance article noted, “mutilated” during the baby’s delivery.


$10 Million

$10,000,000 Awarded to Family of a Teenager Who Drowned

$10,000,000 was awarded in New York Supreme Court – Bronx County to the family of a teenager who drowned on a school trip.


$56 Million

$56,000,000 For Girl Left Brain-Damaged

Thomas Moore represented the 13-year-old girl. The Manhattan jury’s verdict, after a three-week-long trial and two days of deliberations, was “one of the largest awards to a Staten Island resident.”


$108 Million

$108,000,000 for Failure to Diagnose and Treat Meningitis

$108,000,000 to an 8-year old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. When he was born in Lincoln Hospital, a pediatrician or obstetrician never examined him on the day of his birth. What should have been routine testing for strep infections was not performed until the third day of his life, and even when the testing showed he had a severe infection, he was not given the proper medications until another day had passed. This delay left him permanently brain damaged – he requires constant care and cannot walk, talk or eat on his own. Read more.


$32.2 Million

Hospital Hit for $32,000,000 in Bungled-Birth Case

A Manhattan jury awarded a family $32.2 million for “botching the birth” of their baby. “This is for our son,” the boy’s father, said. “He’s a wonderful little boy, and this is important for him. This is for his well being, and for his future.”


$79 Million

Jury Awards $79,000,000 in Suit Over Injury to Child’s Brain

In one of the largest judgments against a New York City hospital, the Times reported, a Manhattan jury awarded $79 million to the family of a 13-year-old. Thomas Moore represented the family during the trial, which lasted three weeks with two days of deliberations.