Elevator Crushes On December 15, 2020, a freight elevator at Food Emporium on West 43rd Street near 10th Avenue in New York fatally crushed 39-year-old Maria Sanchez, a Bronx resident who worked at the Manhattan supermarket.

According to officials as reported by The New York Post, the elevator was illegally installed.

The New York Post interviewed Andrew Rudansky, a spokesman for the city Department of Buildings. He said, “This tragic incident shows just how dangerous unregistered, illegally installed elevator devices can be for New Yorkers. We have shut down the dumbwaiter, and will be thoroughly investigating this incident.”

According to police sources, the victim was loading produce into the dumbwaiter in the basement of the grocery store when the elevator abruptly jerked, crushing her head. She was found dead in the elevator shaft around 4:10 p.m.

In 2020, KDLM secured $2,800,000 for the injuries and wrongful death of a 41 year-old unmarried woman who was crushed to death as a result of an elevator malfunction that resulted from negligence by the elevator repair company and improper maintenance by the building manager.

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