Throughout her years as a New York personal injury attorney, Judith Livingston learned that the cornerstone to being successful in the courtroom is to be thoroughly prepared.Top New York Personal Injury Attorney

Judy always gives each case she has her undivided attention and works long hours to ensure success for her clients. Her tireless work ethic and dedication have resulted in her becoming one of the most successful plaintiff’s attorneys in the United States.

“Judy learned a long time ago that being thoroughly prepared is the cornerstone to success in the courtroom. While the long hours and hard work are necessary, the fruits of that labor bring about the exciting, spontaneous moments that fascinate jurors. Judy has the unique talent of being able to pull together the subtle pieces of evidence in a way that leads witnesses down the road to confessing the truth.”
– Tom Moore, senior partner at KDLM

She has won 35 trials with verdicts in excess of $1 million and has negotiated hundreds of settlements that have resulted in payments of almost a half-billion dollars. She has been named a “Legal Legend” by Law Dragon and one of “The 50 most influential women lawyers in America” by New York Magazine. She is proof that putting in the work and being thoroughly prepared pays off.

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