New York State’s construction industry is a dangerous one for workers. New York City, in particular, has the highest proportion of construction-related worker fatalities in the United States, according to the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH).New York Labor Law 240

Fatal or not, construction-related accidents — especially falls from tall buildings — are common in New York City. Because of this, workers, including independent contractors, should be familiar with and understand New York Labor Law 240. Also known as the “scaffold law,” this provides workers with strong legal protection when it comes to claiming compensation for injuries incurred from falls on the job.

New York Labor Law 240 – The Scaffold Law

Under Article 10, which covers construction, demolition, and repair work on buildings, Labor Law 240 is a lengthy law that protects workers at risk of falls from heights or getting struck by a falling object. The law mandates that it is the responsibility of property owners or construction companies to provide fall protection equipment and safety measures to protect workers. That includes scaffolding, ladders, slings, hoists, hangers, pulleys, ropes, and stays, among other things.

The scaffold law makes it possible for construction workers injured on the job to receive compensation that goes beyond what someone would get with only workers’ compensation benefits. If a worker is injured and the property owner or construction company is found liable in the accident, the scaffold law could mean the worker gets more for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost union benefits, lost wages, and other damages. If a construction worker suffers a fatality, their remaining family could receive benefits. In both cases, individuals typically have three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit.

Expert Legal Representation for Injured Construction Workers in New York

Our expert construction accident lawyers at KDLM are fierce advocates for workers who have been injured as the result of a ladder or scaffolding accident. We have represented many workers who have suffered head and traumatic brain injuries, damage to internal organs and broken bones, and who are at the same time coping with severe physical, financial, and personal losses. If a construction company has cut corners on safety and caused serious injury to or death of a construction worker, they should be held accountable.

For example, KDLM achieved a landmark verdict of $25,000,000 for injuries sustained by a 55-year-old Westchester man who suffered a traumatic brain injury when the structure on which he stood collapsed during a demolition and construction project.

There is no single type of case that is a “right fit.” We evaluate each one on an individual basis.

If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries from a scaffolding or ladder-related construction accident, call our office at (212) 618-6800 to discuss your case and legal options.