Burn Injuries Lawyers in New York

When burn injuries happen, they can be a very painful and traumatizing experience. This is especially true when the injury occurs through no fault of our own. They can happen anywhere whether you’re at work, at a store or restaurant, attending an event, or simply walking down the sidewalk. The fact of the matter is you are entitled to a “duty to care” by the people who manage and own these spaces if you are hurt in or by them. Our burn injury attorneys in New York, who specialize in burn injury lawsuits, are here to help you get the legal representation you deserve if you or a loved one is in need of an attorney for a burn injury.

What Is a Burn Injury?

First, it’s important to understand what a burn injury is or what is burn injury related. Luckily, our burn injury law firm is here to clear it up for you.
Burn injuries occur when skin is damaged by some form of heat. The more severe the burn, the more compromised your health becomes. Burns can happen for a variety of reason. Burns can typically be attributed to an open fire, hot grease, excessive contact with a heated object or surface, an explosion, hot liquids or steam, chemicals, or electricity. For this reason, not all burns are created equally and are differentiated in severity by medical professionals by size, depth, location of the burn, and the burn victim’s age.

Burn Injury Types

There are several different types of burn injury.
You’ve probably heard of first, second, third and maybe even fourth degree burns. Burns are measured in these degrees relative to their depth.

First degree burns

are the least severe of them all and occur only on the very top layer of skin, the epidermis. These types of burns usually heal on their own within a few days. There is typically no risk of infection or serious skin abnormalities associated with this type of burn other than usually redness that tends to subside on its own.

Second degree burns

damage not only the top layer of skin, but also the dermis, the second layer of skin directly underneath the top layer, or epidermis. These burns tend to be a lot more painful than first degree burns and the affected area can swell and blister. These types of burns, however, are repairable and the skin will typically grow back unless the area becomes infected or further injury to the burn site occurs. It’s important to seek medical attention to know how to properly care for this type of burn.

Third degree burns

affect both the epidermis and dermis layers of skin as well as the tissue (muscle and fat) underneath often referred to as the subcutaneous tissue. The injured area will appear black, white, or crimson in color and will need special medical attention to heal properly. The skin will not repair itself with this type of injury and surgery may be required to fully repair the wounded area. It is important to seek medical attention right away if you feel you or a loved one has suffered a third-degree burn.

Fourth degree burns

are the most severe type of burns and can sometimes even be life threatening. They destroy the skin, fat, muscle and often the bone underneath the burn site. It is important to get medical care as soon as possible if you think you, or someone you love, may have endured a fourth degree burn. The risk for infection is much greater with this type of burn injury and should be tended to as soon as possible.
If you think you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in New York and you think it is someone else’s fault, you may want to consider calling one of our burn injury attorneys to help you understand your legal options.

The Law

New York has many laws that help injured parties get the compensation they are entitled to for damages related to burn injuries. One of them, and probably one of the most important, is that an injured party has three years from the date of the accident to file a civil suit against the party(s) who caused them harm as outlined in New York Consolidated Laws Service Civil Practice Law and Rules Article 2, Section 214. Additionally, New York Consolidated Laws Service Civil Practice Law and Rules Section 1411 precisely outlines the recoverable damages for personal injury even if the injured party is found to have some fault in the accident happening. This means an injured party cannot be denied recovery of damages if someone else can be found to have some portion of fault.

In civil cases, like personal injury, damages are defined as the remedy awarded to the injured party, typically in the form of monetary compensation. Your damages could include your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and many other things if the court finds the opposing party(s) of your lawsuit liable for any part of your injury.
Burn injury law doesn’t have to be complicated, a burn injury attorney can make it simple and take the stress of worrying about how to navigate the law and a burn injury lawsuit off your hands while you focus on recovery.

Injured At Work?

Accidents happen at work all the time. Worker’s Compensation laws outline the damages New York workers are entitled to after suffering an injury in their workplace. An attorney of burn injury at KDLM can also help you figure out your best course of action when an employer can be found at fault for your injuries.

Need a Burn Injury Lawyer in New York City?

Burn injury attorneys in New York are everywhere. What sets Kramer, Dillof, Livingston & Moore (KDLM) apart as one of the most respected and successful law firms in the nation is our ability to pair you and your family with a New York burn injury lawyer with the expertise to give you the best-case outcome possible for your situation. Our New York City burn injury lawyer(s) understand the importance of your well-being, time, expenses, and the inconvenience that comes with a serious burn injury. The law, and our burn injury attorneys are on your side and are here to guide you every step of the way through what the law says about what you are owed and how we plan to help make that happen through settlement for your burn injury.

Burn Injury Settlements and Your Burn Injury Law Suit

Every case is different and there are many factors that can and will determine the recoverable damages for burn injuries. It’s important to understand those factors so your expectations for case outcomes are realistic. However, the best burn injury lawyer here at KDLM has the expertise and an impressive track record of being competent and passionate about helping clients get the best possible monetary value and overall outcome for their claims.
Lawsuits can be scary and seem like a daunting task. Rest assured, our attorneys, New York City’s best burn injury lawyers, are well-equipped and knowledgeable on how to provide the level of service you not only desire but deserve.