In their regular column for New York Law Journal on, New York medical malpractice attorneys Thomas A. Moore and Matthew Gaier discuss “Consultation Reports in Physicians’ Office Records”.

Twenty-five years ago the NYLJ column by Moore, “The Admissibility of Physician’s Office Records,” concluded that a physician’s entire office record, including the reports of consulting physicians and any findings or opinions contained therein, is admissible in evidence, so long as the material was kept in the regular course of the physician’s business and was related to the diagnosis or treatment of the patient.

Among the law discussed in that 1995 article was the decision made in ‘Freeman v. Kirkland’. Most recently another columnist discussed that article and concluded that ‘Freeman’ should no longer be followed which Moore and Gaier respectfully disagree with.

Read their full column here.

Thomas A. Moore and Matthew Gaier, New York medical malpractice attorneys, co-author a regular column for the New York Law Journal on The column is a resource used by countless attorneys throughout New York state regarding issues of medical malpractice.