Thomas A. Moore has earned his reputation as one of the leading trial lawyers in personal injury in the United States.

Moore frequently represents plaintiffs who have suffered personal injury from medical malpractice and general negligence. He achieves extraordinary results on their behalf, including having obtained over 90 verdicts in excess of $1 million.

He recognizes the complex reality that catastrophic injury cases cause more than just economic harm to the injured victims and their loved ones.

“It’s about total commitment to representing our clients, with continuity from the moment they enter our office. We pursue all avenues of investigation and expertise in processing the case until we are satisfied with the final result.”
-Thomas Moore

In one of his many memorable cases, Moore represented a woman in an irreversible coma due to an anesthesia mishap during childbirth. He saw the need to establish a stable future for his client’s husband and two small daughters who were now practically motherless. He obtained full compensation for his client’s family for the objective loss of her enjoyment of life. He also changed state law for New Yorkers to allow injured victims with any degree of awareness to qualify for full compensation for the loss of their enjoyment of life.

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