As New York’s population grows, necessary infrastructure changes in large and small cities across the state are keeping construction companies occupied. Residential and commercial buildings, heavy construction of roadways and bridges, and industrial projects all accompany major growth. As the construction industry tackles these developments, it is important for workers, business owners, and property owners alike to understand the significant role of state labor laws in order to best protect themselves, and their livelihood should a devastating accident take place.

Accidents leading to injury are not uncommon in the construction industry. However, if an injury or wrongful death is the result of an accident that could have been prevented by following New York Construction Labor Laws, the worker has the right to sue for maximum compensation. Regardless of whether they are non-union or working off the books, all construction workers are protected by these laws.

New York Labor Law 241

One of the labor laws protecting New York workers is Law 241. This law, in conjunction with the New York State Industrial Code, provides detailed information on how construction, demolition, and excavation worksites must be arranged and maintained to keep workers safe.

Labor Law 241 and the Industrial Code set forth safety actions and equipment that must be provided to all workers.

New York Labor Law 241(6) clearly states that a property owner or contractor is accountable for negligence if an accident happened under their control or supervision. Therefore, if a property owner or contractor does not adhere to all safety laws and a worker gets hurt, the worker is entitled to sue them for compensation.

If you suspect that your injury is the result of an unsafe working environment that does not adhere to the New York Law Laws, you should seek counsel from an experienced construction accident attorney immediately. Working with an attorney will provide you with the best information and guidance to make sure all pre-lawsuit requirements are met, all necessary evidence is collected, and help you effectively build your case.

KDLM has recovered millions of dollars in construction accidents lawsuits

  • $40,000,000 A Brooklyn jury awarded a $40 million verdict to a 53-year-old construction worker who was disabled after being hit by a Verizon truck.
  • $3,000,000 A plumber was injured after falling off an unstable ladder.

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