In Spring 2020, Thomas A. Moore and Matthew Gaier wrote a string of articles focusing on two issues affecting malpractice litigation that flowed directly from the New York state’s response to COVID-19: immunity to health care professionals and facilities, and the toll on the statute of limitations:

COVID-19: Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order and Other Legal Measures, NYLJ (March 31, 2020) p. 3; COVID-19 Legal Measures: An Addendum, NYLJ (April 8, 2020) p. 3; and Toll on Statutes of Limitations During COVID-19 Emergency, NYLJ (June 2, 2020) p. 3.

Since then, both of those matters have undergone modifications and those changes and their impact are the subject of their May 2021 column, Update on COVID-19 Issues for the New York Law Journal on

Tom Moore and Matt Gaier, New York personal injury attorneys, coauthor a medical malpractice column for the New York Law Journal on The column is a resource used by countless attorneys throughout New York state regarding issues of medical malpractice.