The risk of injury as a construction worker is inherently higher than in other industries. On a daily basis, a construction worker may work with heavy-duty equipment, complex machinery, or operate construction vehicles like cranes and bulldozers that require special training.Construction Equipment Accident

A construction employer is obligated to properly train their employees, enforce safety protocols, and properly maintain machines, however, even if this is all done, accidents can happen. The main causes of most construction accidents are carelessness, negligence or faulty equipment and machinery malfunction.

Regardless of the accident’s cause, if you’re a construction worker and are involved in an accident with construction equipment while on the job, it’s important to follow these steps immediately after an accident to ensure that you receive proper care and compensation, if eligible.

The following outlines what to do after a construction equipment accident.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Get medical help promptly to treat your injuries, even if they appear to be minor. Sometimes symptoms of serious injuries don’t appear until hours or days later. While your employer may offer on-site medical care, it’s important to follow up with an independent medical provider who will give you a second, unbiased assessment of your injury.

Gather Information – Photos, Witness Information, and Notes

If possible, after the injury, take photos of the scene of the accident including any of the equipment you were using, the surrounding area, and anything that may seem unusual about the circumstances.

Collect information and statements from anyone who witnessed the accident – which may be coworkers, pedestrians or bystanders – including their name(s) and contact information.

As soon as you can, write down how the accident happened, how you felt after the accident; note any injuries/pains or strains.

If your injuries prevent you from doing this, ask a trusted coworker or a third party.

Consult with an Expert Construction Accident Attorney

Schedule a consultation to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney. Bring all the information noted above and all medical records pertaining to the accident. There is no such thing as too much information, bring everything that you have.

Some construction accidents result in severe injuries. Enlist a trusted loved one – such as a spouse, parent, or sibling – who has your best interest at heart to help you with information gathering and finding an attorney. The quicker you get your information together and get an attorney on your side, the more time you will have to focus on your recovery.

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