Product liability claims are complex. When a product harms you, the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or several other parties could be at fault. Furthermore, injury from a product defect isn’t always obvious as a broken bone or a burn. A faulty product could result in PTSD, electrocution, a brain injury (TBI), or emotional distress. When choosing a good product liability attorney, it is vital to find someone with the insight and resources to prove your case and go up against big corporations. 

Product Liability Case Examples

  • The product was marketed with false claims
  • The product was mislabeled
  • The product had a manufacturing defeat
  • The product’s design was dangerous even when used properly

How Should a Product Defect Be Reported?

If you first report a defect and injury to the product’s company, they most likely will try to minimize your case and ask to have the product back for investigating and reporting purposes. Doing so will give up a major piece of evidence—the product—and the company will do everything it can to prevent a lawsuit. 

Therefore, it is essential to report your case directly to a product liability attorney as soon as possible. They will have your best interest in mind and use their resources to fight for your case fiercely. This will allow you to focus on recovery instead of trying to battle with a big corporation’s lawyers and insurance companies on your own.

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Year after year, KDLM is recognized as a top-three law firm for all types of plaintiff personal injury work. These awards are because of results including:

  1. $20 million for the injuries of two recent college graduates who suffered third-degree burns from a popular household decoration.
  2. $2.8 million for the injuries and wrongful death of a 41-year-old woman who was crushed to death due to an elevator malfunction. 

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