When New Yorkers step into a construction site, they could face risks such as heavy objects falling on them, operating defective equipment, or scaffolding crashing to the ground. These tragic construction accidents can lead to severe injury or even death and are often preventable by following New York construction safety laws. When these laws are neglected on a job site, and someone gets hurt, they give workers the right to sue a contractor or employer. It does not matter if the worker is union or nonunion; they still get a chance to get the full compensation for injuries or death caused by a company’s negligence.Injury on Construction Sites

“Struck-By Injury” Is The Most Common Cause of Injury

According to an October 2020 article written by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and published on the CDC website, struck-by injury is the most common cause of injury and the second leading cause of fatalities. These injuries can occur when a worker is struck by dangers such as a falling object, moving equipment or vehicle, or a flying object. For construction workers, the risk of a struck-by injury is twice that of all other industries combined.

KDLM has Recovered Millions of Dollars For Struck-By Injury Victims and Their Families

Through a combination of hard work, a meticulous study of construction laws, and aggressive advocacy, our lawyers at KDLM have helped victims and their families secure the compensation they deserve. Some examples include:

$25,000,000 – For a construction worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury when a structure on which he was standing collapsed during a demolition project.

$3,800,000   for a laborer who injured his back in a construction accident.

Please review some of our landmark verdicts and recent settlements to see more results.

New York Construction Safety Laws Protect All Workers – Let Us Fight For You

If you are suffering from a serious injury on a construction site, a highly esteemed construction injury lawyer can help you get the care and compensation you need.

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