Truck accidents are confusing, complex and drastically different from car accidents. An accident with a monstrous 18-wheeler, big rig, or any commercial truck can lead to severe trauma, injuries, Trucking Accident  or even death. In a truck accident, several parties and state or federal violations could be at fault, making collecting substantial evidence even more critical. Working with a highly experienced truck accident law firm with extensive investigative resources will likely make a significant difference in the outcome of your compensation package.

Evidence You Should Collect At The Scene or Shortly After The Accident

At the accident scene, there are critical pieces of information that will provide essential contact information and evidence for building your case. Information to collect includes:

  • First and foremost, focus on your health and safety. Adrenaline could temporarily numb pain, so it is critical to be assessed by emergency medical professionals as soon as possible and have them document all of your injuries.
  • Name and contact information of the trucker and their company.
  • The truck’s license plate and the trucker’s license.
  • The insurance company’s contact information.
  • Photos of all sides of both vehicles.
  • The police report.

Evidence A Law Firm Should Collect To Build Your Case

The list below includes some of the evidence your attorney should obtain. To learn more about whom may be at fault in a trucking accident, please review this recent blog post.

  • Black box: This is the data that the truck’s event data recorder collects. It can provide information such as if the trucker was speeding.
  • Logbooks: Federal law requires truckers to take specific amounts of rest breaks and document them in their logbooks. Their logbooks could point out evidence such as missed rest breaks and driving while fatigued. 
  • In-cab camera: Many trucking companies place cameras at the front and back of their trucks. The front camera can show if a driver was drowsy or partaking in dangerous activity such as taking substances. The rear-facing camera can show if the truck was too close to other cars on the road.
  • Alcohol and drug testing: Substance abuse is sadly an issue amongst truckers, and testing could prove that the trucker was not sober at the time of the accident.
  • Cell phone records: These could prove that the trucker was texting, looking at social media, or talking on the phone.
  • Maintenance records: In some cases, the accident could be due to a fault in the truck. Truckers and trucking companies are responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and quickly repairing their trucks before going back on the road. 

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