New York personal injury lawyer, Thomas Moore, is one of the best trial lawyers in the United States.

He is the most successful advocate on behalf of individual plaintiffs, having won 92 trials with verdicts in excess of $1 million – more than any other lawyer, and he has negotiated settlements for his clients in excess of $1 billion.

Thomas Moore‘s success offsets, but does not mitigate, the obvious sadness of his cases. His heart is with his clients and since the beginning, his goal has been to help those who have been injured champion their cause.

“My heart was always with the injured. On the day I was admitted to the bar, I tried my first case, and haven’t stopped since. I quickly gravitated to the plaintiff’s side, identifying with those who were most injured, with a strong desire to champion their cause.”

Tom dedicates his utmost time, attention, and compassion to his clients who have suffered severe debilitating injury and loss, brings plaintiffs the answers and justice they deserve. and always keeps client’s best interests at heart.

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