Defective Equipment and Product Liability

Equipment on construction sites, especially heavy equipment such as bulldozers and drilling machines, can be dangerous. These machines rely on absolute precision and perfect execution to operate safely. Even the slightest malfunction or defect can result in catastrophic injuries and deaths. Construction Accidents

In the case of a defective product causing an injury, the victims’ rights further expand because the parties involved in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the faulty construction equipment could be liable for damages. 

Construction Accident Examples

  • Crane injuries: The slightest alignment issue or electrical component failure can lead to crane failure or derailment. 
  • Scaffolding: Falls from faulty scaffolding make up to 25% of New York construction deaths. Design and manufacturing errors could lead to a break or collapse, causing workers to fall from several stories. 
  • Machinery: If powerful machines, such as forklifts or graders, are not properly operating, they can cause serious harm to workers involved.

Additionally, New York Construction Labor Laws were established to further protect workers.

Construction Labor Laws

From a giant crane collapsing to a forklift not operating as it should, construction sites can be dangerous for workers. This is why New York created Labor Laws 196, 200, 240, and 241 to protect all workers – regardless of whether someone is nonunion or working off the books. 

For example, New York Labor Law 200 states that an owner or contractor is at fault if they create a dangerous work environment. “All machinery, equipment, and devices in such places shall be so placed, operated, guarded, and lighted as to provide reasonable and adequate protection to all such persons.”

These construction labor laws give all workers the right to sue a contractor or employer for violating labor and safety laws. Thus, allowing a worker the chance to get the full compensation for injuries or death caused by a construction company’s negligence.

Millions of Dollars Recovered From Construction Accidents Caused by Inadequate Safety Equipment

KDLM has earned its national reputation representing people injured in construction accidents through a combination of hard work, attention to detail, a thorough understanding of construction equipment and the law, and aggressive advocacy.

KDLM obtained a $40 million verdict for a 53-year-old Brooklyn construction worker who was disabled after being hit by a Verizon truck. Senior partner Thomas Moore represented the client during the trial.

We also recovered a $25,000,000 settlement for a 55-year-old Westchester man who suffered a traumatic brain injury when a structure on which he was standing collapsed during a demolition and construction project. KDLM obtained a finding of liability as a matter of law against the property owner under New York’s “Scaffold Law.”

How Can We Fight For You?

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